BBQ Chicken

Does juicy, smoky chicken falling off the bone fill with you with happiness? What about when BBQ sauce with that perfect tang is dripping from every bite? Those wonderful feelings aren’t just for summer. Whatever the season, you’re only one click away from BBQ joy with these flavourful frozen chicken packs.

The hard part is deciding how you’re going to serve your chicken. Here are a few ideas for sides that will transform the kids’ dinners into whirlwind world tours.

Melty Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This world-famous BBQ side is one of easiest and tastiest dishes you’ll ever cook. If you’re cooking it from fresh, just mix milk, flour, butter and cheese in a pan. Then pour your sauce over macaroni in a casserole dish and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can throw in spices, breadcrumbs and even bacon bits to give your mac ‘n’ cheese an edge. Then you can relax and enjoy the results. This glorious take on pasta bake will contrast perfectly with your BBQ chicken and give your whole family a dinner to remember.

Spicy Chimichurri

Give your BBQ chicken a Latin twist with one of Argentina’s most popular sides. This spicy mix of parsley with the freshest pepper flakes, oregano and a whole host of other herbs is an essential for dinners with a kick. Once you’ve chosen your herbs, add in some oil and a shot of hot water. Then pour your chimichurri over your chicken after you take it out of the oven for the full experience.

Classic Corn on The Cob

Some sides just carry BBQ onto your taste buds. Corn absorbs every one of those wonderful sweet and sour flavours. As you’re getting to the end of each piece of chicken, you’ll remember that you’ve still got bite after bite of juicy corn to wipe up all that lovely sauce. Plus, covering corn in BBQ sauce is a great way to get the kids to eat vegetables.

If you need any more tips on adding some extra magic to your BBQ chicken, please just give us a call. Dinner doesn’t have to be dull. Say goodbye to plain chicken and fill your freezer with our delicious BBQ marinade instead.