BBQ Wings

Imagine if you could enjoy tender, crispy and just a little bit spicy BBQ wings all-year round. How happy would you be? Just take Dovecote’s wings out of the freezer whenever you’re feeling a bit peckish. Then relive your favourite BBQ memories again and again. 

Do you need some quick ideas for hassle-free family teas? Want to create an unforgettable dish for your next BBQ? Here a few sides and sauces that will make your wings extra special. 

Smooth, Sweet Potatoes

They’re easy to cook and go down a treat with the whole family. What’s not to love? How are you cooking yours? 

Try mashing them and then adding the perfect seasoning to give your wings an extra kick. Just peel your potatoes and chop them into about 8 chunks. Then pop them in a pan with some cold water and bring them to boil. Next, reduce the temperature and let those wonderful simmering sweet potato smells fill your kitchen for about 20 minutes. Then the real fun starts.

Take your potatoes out of the pan and mash them until they’re smooth. Gently add butter and milk. After that, add your favourite spice combo. Some Cajun seasoning will give your BBQ that authentic Deep South feel. If you want to give your dish more of an Asian feel, why not throw in some coriander or cumin with your mash. Chilli tastes lovely too. 

Then just coat every bite of your wings in this wonderfully smooth global spice tour. 

Sweet, Sweet Honey

Are spices not your thing? Why not wrap your BBQ wings in a gloriously sticky honey sauce? Imagine drop after drop of caramelised happiness gently rolling over your taste buds. Then follow these tips to make your perfect honey sauce. 

Pour about 120ml of honey into a saucepan. Add about double that in ketchup and stir for 20 minutes. If you want to give your sauce some irresistible sweetness, mix in a few apple slices and brown sugar while you’re stirring. 

Make sure that your apples have fully disintegrated into a purée before serving your sauce. Then you can enjoy the sweet taste without having to navigate past a few inconvenient chunks of apple. A sprinkling of cinnamon will give your sauce a legendary finish.

Cold, Refreshing Slaw

Once upon a time, someone decided to pair tangy BBQ wings with creamy coleslaw. This person deserves a lifetime achievement award for services to BBQ. Crumble some blue cheese into a bowl and mix with sour cream, and mayonnaise. Then add some thinly sliced cabbage, apple cider vinegar (or just apple slices) and some sliced celery. 

You’ll get a wonderfully refreshing and flavour-packed side that brings out all kinds of hidden flavours from your wings. 

It’s also a great way to get the kids to eat cabbage! 

If you need any more tips on prepping wonderful wings, please just give us a call. Dinner doesn’t have to be dull. Say goodbye to plain chicken and fill your freezer with our delicious BBQ marinade instead.