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Caribbean Jerk Wings

From Jamaica with love. You might not be able to fly there right now, but you can store timeless Caribbean flavours in your freezer. Whenever you fancy a snack, these crispy and succulent wings will bring your favourite Caribbean memories sailing back to life. 

What sides are you picking? The options are endless. The flavours are unforgettable. After a hugely difficult decision, we picked three of our favourites. 

Refreshing Coconut Rice

Standard rice doesn’t do justice to the lovely fresh mango at the heart of your tasty Jerk marinade. Refreshing coconut rice brings out all that fruitiness and helps you mop up every drop of sauce. It’s so easy to cook. 

Just warm 3 chopped onions in a saucepan until they get really soft. Then add in 1kg of basmati rice (or however much you think you’ll need), 2 400ml cans of coconut milk, and some water. Stir to stop your rice from sticking, cover it, and then cook for about 15 minutes on the lowest possible heat. Ideally you want your coconut rice to still be a bit crunchy when you take it off the hob. 

Either serve immediately or put it in a microwaveable dish (wrapped in cling film) and keep it in your fridge for up to a day. When you’re taking it out of the fridge, poke holes in the cling film and microwave for up to 8 minutes until piping hot. Stir with a fork after 4 minutes and then again when it’s done. Then you won’t have to worry about the grains sticking together. 

Whether you want to enjoy it ASAP or save it for later, why not serve with some fresh coconut for an extra special taste. 

Classic Rice and Peas

If you don’t eat a lot of Caribbean food, the most important thing to know about rice and peas is that it usually doesn’t include peas. The dish is often a mix of rice, kidney beans and a range of sizzling spices like the legendary Scotch bonnet pepper.

Coconut milk often makes an appearance here too, allowing you to wrap your wings in an extra creamy side. 

This dish takes about 2 hours to prepare and is very similar to coconut rice. This time, put the kidney beans in first and mix them with a few scallions (spring onions), some allspice berries, your favourite spices, Scotch bonnet peppers and your coconut milk. It’s best to take the seeds out of the peppers before throwing them in the pot, unless you want a very spicy side. 

Cook for about an hour and then add your rice. Half an hour later you’ve got a dream side for your wings. Make sure you get rid of the stems from any herbs and veg that you’ve used before serving. Nobody needs a mouthful of stalk with their chicken. 

There are thousands of variations of rice and peas across the Caribbean. Find the mix of spices that works best for you and just run with it. 

Delicious Grilled Pineapple

What’s the best accompaniment to crispy, fruity chicken? You won’t go wrong with juicy and tender pineapple slices that are grilled to perfection and fall apart in your mouth.

 Just chop some tasty pineapple slices and wipe butter and brown sugar all over them. Then stick them on the grill (or BBQ) for a few minutes. Enjoy the fantastically fruity and smoky smells coming off your grill. Then serve and get munching. 

If you need any more help finding perfect sides for your Caribbean Jerk Wings, please just give us a call. Dinner doesn’t have to be dull. Say goodbye to plain chicken and fill your freezer with our delicious Jerk marinade instead.