Chicken Kebab

There are a few moments in life that you never forget. One is your first visit to your local Chippie. That first bite of chicken kebab is unforgettable. Imagine if you could relive that moment again and again, from the comfort of your living room. How great would you feel if you didn’t have to spend 10 minutes stood at the shop counter, picking your favourite sauce combo?

Thanks to our frozen chicken kebab packs, you can enjoy that legendary chip shop taste without having to step outside. Here are a few must-have sides to bring the very best out of your chicken kebab. 

It’s all about the sauce

Eating a chicken kebab without sauce is like pouring juice without a cup – an absolute mess. So … which sauce(s) are you picking? Maybe you want to liven up your kebab with a spicy chilli sauce. Perhaps you want to cool down with some yoghurt and fresh mint. You might feel like a kebab is only a proper kebab if it comes with boatloads of ketchup or mayonnaise. 

Whatever you choose, the advantage of preparing your kebab at home is that you’ll always have your favourite sauces in the cupboard. 

Chill out with some fresh coconut rice

Try cooking your rice in coconut milk for a fresh, creamy taste. Then throw in some pineapple for the full tropical experience. Even if you can’t travel to Hawaii right now, this side is a great way to get the kids to discover coconuts. You can then add this delicious treat to the list of their favourite healthy snacks. 

Everyone loves salads

Salads don’t have to be boring. If looking at half a tomato and a sad bit of lettuce puts you off completely, serve your salads with a twist. Give your salads some character with coconut shavings, fresh peppers, chillies, jalapeños, grated cheese and raw vegetables. 

Great salads will give your dinners some colour and add wonderful extra flavours to your kebabs. Plus, they’re easy to prepare and save you having to do lots of washing up after each meal. Everyone loves quick and tasty dinners. 

If you need any more tips for making epic chicken kebabs, please just drop us a line. Dinner doesn’t have to be dull. Say goodbye to plain chicken and fill your freezer with our delicious kebab marinade instead.