Chicken Tikka

Have you ever wondered how Chicken Tikka got its name? Tikka is a Persian (Iranian) word meaning bits. These succulent bits of juicy chicken are loved in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and beyond. The dish is widely popular throughout South Asia and in some Western Asian countries, like Turkey and Azerbaijan. Chicken Tikka is also about to become very popular around your dinner table. 

Our team bake these small pieces of chicken to perfection, before marinating them in fresh yoghurt and spectacular spices. Then they freeze them and deliver them direct to your door. So…how are you serving yours? Here are a few ideas to get you started… 

Enjoy a cracking Chicken Tikka Masala

Tikka without Masala is a bit like a football match without goals. It leaves everyone a bit disappointed. Making a Masala that hits the mark every time is easy. 

Just put some cream and yoghurt in a casserole dish and stir for a few minutes on your hob to create a paste. If you love your dinners spicy, liberally add chillies at this point. Don’t forget the coriander either. If spice isn’t your thing, mango or orange chutney is a great alternative. 

Once everything is warm and fully mixed, add in your defrosted chicken and some peppers. Wait about 15 for your chicken to cook through. Make sure it’s absolutely covered in the paste. Then add chopped tomatoes, tomato purée and a cup full of water. Stir everything for a few minutes more and then your Masala will be ready to munch. 

Serve with rice and Naan bread to soak up that lovely sauce. 

About that rice…

There are so many options when it comes to this essential side.  Classic Basmati rice has enough of a subtle nutty flavour to make your meal extra special, without taking away from your Tikka’s incredible taste.  If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not spice your rice up a bit? As you’re boiling your rice, throw in some curry powder, peppers, chillies, coriander or whatever else you think will give your rice that perfect extra kick. 

If you’re not such a fan of spice, but you love your veg, why not mix in some cheese and broccoli with your rice? Add a dash of black pepper to liven the broccoli up for the kids. 

Wash it all down with an ice cold beer

This one is just for the grown-ups around the table. As all beer lovers will know, Asia has a fantastic tradition of producing the good stuff by the gallon. In India, strong beer and curry go together like tea and toast in the UK. 

If you want the full Goan experience, try a bottle of locally brewed Kingfisher. They have grown to become one of the biggest brands in India and their beer comes with a whopping 8% ABV. Other popular brands include Haywards 5000 and Kalyani Black Label. 

While European and American beers are also popular in India, why not try a local favourite for a more authentic Tikka? 

If you need any more tips for getting the best out of your Tikka, please just drop us a line. Dinner doesn’t have to be dull. Say goodbye to plain chicken and fill your freezer with our delicious Tikka marinade instead.