How chicken contributes to a healthy diet

If you’re embarking upon a healthy diet and exercise, you may be wondering how having chicken as a main component of your evening meal compares to other meat.
Chicken has some advantages over other meat such as beef because typically, it is leaner, with a lower fat content and less calories. Chicken is also often cheaper that other types of meat and it is renowned for being delicious and nutritious at the same time.

Marinated chicken in particular is full of flavour, including tikka and tandoori marinades and can be easily and quickly prepared through oven cooking and grilling. If you want a real boost in extra vitamins, chicken complements sources of iron such as spinach and green vegetables like broccoli and green beans for those wanting a full, balanced diet, that is also good value.

Chicken also represents a great source of protein. Protein is important because it helps your body function, building tissue, cells and muscles. Those who participate in sports, body building or weight training are encouraged to increase their protein intake to take advantage of its benefits for muscle building and body shaping. Protein is particularly recommended after exercise because it helps muscles to recover and grow.

Also, as we get older, eating more protein is advantageous, as it reduces the muscle loss associated with aging.

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