Lemon and Herb Chicken

Do you like your chicken with a kick, but not so spicy that you’re reaching for the milk jug after your first bite? Lemon and herb chicken is a perfect way to add some excitement to dinner. Just take it out of the freezer and enjoy a sweet and tangy alternative to boring old plain chicken.

While your chicken is warming up in the oven, you can get inventive with your sides. We’ve listed a few that the kids will love below.

Give your rice a kick too

Rice goes perfectly with lemon and herb chicken. If you want to, you can just boil some white rice and let it absorb all that delicious lemony sauce. It’s so much more fun to serve your rice with a twist though. Adding mango or pineapple is a great way to get the kids to eat fruit. Peas always go down well too. Do you really want to show off your cooking skills? Try sautéing your rice in a pan with some oil, mushrooms and garlic. That might be one for when you next have friends over.

The great thing about rice is that you can make it taste however you want it to, depending on what mood you’re all in.

Crispy Breadcrumbs

The only thing better than lemon and herb chicken, is crispy lemon and herb chicken. All you need to do is defrost your chicken and cover it in breadcrumbs. Then just stick it in the oven and make it as crispy as you like.

Our advice is to serve your chicken when it’s soft and juicy on the inside, and crunchily crispy on the outside. Then add those perfect last touches to your crispy chicken with some extra herbs and lemon juice.

Fresh Summer Salads

Vibrant dishes like lemon and herb chicken are perfect for summer. They’re also perfect for fresh and tasty salads. From refreshing lettuce to juicy tomatoes, cool cucumbers and punchy peppers, you’ve got so much choice. That’s before you even get to salad sauces. Soy sauce will give your salad an unforgettable Oriental twist. Ginger sauce will give the lemon a whole new stage to perform on.

Introducing the kids to salad isn’t always easy. It becomes so much easier when you’re serving your salad with juicy, succulent and tangy lemon and herb chicken.

If you want any more tips for giving your lemon and herb chicken that perfect zest, please just give us a call. Dinner doesn’t have to be dull. Say goodbye to plain chicken and fill your freezer with our delicious lemon and herb marinade instead.