Why is chicken so central to a healthy diet

Why chicken is so central to a healthy diet

If you’re currently embracing a healthier lifestyle, don’t underestimate the importance of chicken to maintain a low fat and balanced diet.
Lower fat and with a higher protein ratio than many other meats, chicken is popular for athletes, as well as people wanting to achieve weight loss, as well as those on a healthy eating plan combined with exercise.
Those people on diets are encouraged to plan their weight loss by calculating calories per serving. With a 3 ounce portion of skinless, boneless chicken being just 102 calories, chicken is a great choice if you’re dieting. Also, the rich amount of protein offered uses more calories to digest, known as the thermic effect.
As for cooking methods, grilling is recommended, as it helps you to feel full once the chicken is consumed but without the extra calories involved in frying, for example.
Offering high protein and low fat, chicken (particularly the breast) has been a body building and diet essential for a long time. Quick to cook and easy to prepare, there are plenty of unique dishes that involve chicken, from chicken salad to kebabs and chicken and rice dishes.
Nutritional and delicious, an interesting chicken meal is never complicated to create! The great taste of chicken can be further enhanced through marinades and new flavours such as Tandoori and Tikka, which you no longer need to marinade yourself. We offer chicken in all of these flavours, that can be prepared at your convenience. They represent a quick, easy and healthy post-gym meal and a great element of a carefully calorie controlled diet.

Crucially, you are not sacrificing taste for health when you choose chicken for lunch or dinner. It’s therefore no wonder that most body builders and professional athletes state that chicken is their ‘go to’ food item, especially when they’re stuck for meal ideas.