Keeping kids happy with interesting Chicken Meals

Keeping kids happy with interesting Chicken Meals

When cooking family meals, it’s never easy to uncover new meal ideas that will keep the whole family happy. Often a priority is being able to cook delicious and nutritious meals at a fast pace, so that you can fit in bath time and bedtime!

However, interesting chicken meals are a recommended choice, to satisfy the family when cooking dinner in a hurry. From chicken cut into dinosaur shapes, to fun chicken burgers in a bun to cheesy chicken enchiladas, popcorn chicken to chicken sandwiches, tacos and fingers, chicken is so versatile, great value and low fat. This makes it the ideal primary ingredient to create enticing evening meals that will satisfy even the fussiest of young eaters.

It’s all in the presentation. Cutting chicken into interesting shapes and creating grass from peas or spikes from carrot sticks takes a bit of imagination, but it’s the kind of creativity that makes meals seem more interesting to kids.

By making chicken look more interesting, you can easily add healthy side accompaniments such as salad or vegetables without the children immediately complaining about eating them, helping ensure they are getting the vitamins and minerals they need for healthy growth.
Another great way to develop children’s love of chicken is to introduce them to new flavours and seasonings. As a healthy take away option, we offer chicken with a wide range of seasonings for children to enjoy. Quick and easy to cook, we can help you make a creative and interesting chicken meal in under 25 minutes on a busy workday.

Say goodbye to being stuck for inspiration when feeding your family!