Why chicken is so versatile for family meals

If you’re cooking for a family, you will understand the daily challenges involved in serving simple, quick, tasty and healthy meals that are loved by adults and children alike.

This is where chicken really succeeds at being so versatile for family meals. With variations to ingredients and cooking styles, chicken is central to many Indian, Thai, English, Chinese and Italian dishes. Crucially, the flavour of chicken can be tweaked to suit all tastes, as it can be easily marinated to create chicken tikka or tandoori.

Cooking time for chicken is fast, at around 20-30 minutes for oven cooking and there are many side or accompanying food items that help create an interesting chicken meal from jacket potatoes to salad, pitta bread, rice and vegetables. Chicken wraps, burgers and chicken kebabs are great alternatives too, helping add variety to family meals. You can also choose to eat marinated chicken that is spicy or non-spicy, which tends to be preferred by children.

With chicken-based meals, you don’t need to sacrifice taste for health. The way in which chicken can be cooked is diverse. Grilling and oven cooking are healthy ways to cook and most chicken tends to be low fat and full of protein, which is essential to a healthy diet. And as any parent knows, getting children to eat healthily is not always the easiest of tasks!

With chicken, you can never be stuck for ideas in terms of how to tempt your family, as there are so many ways in which you can create an inspiring meal. It’s just a matter of letting your imagination run wild and adding the extra touches or accompaniments that you know your family will particularly enjoy.

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